Masbuild, Inc. is an award-winning full service design and planning firm established in 1996, operating on a national level from its offices in Pasadena, CA.  A nimble firm, Masbuild is comprised of a staff of highly-skilled interior designers, architects, and construction professionals with broad and comprehensive backgrounds in design and construction services.

Masbuild works closely with its clients to create environments that support their vision, enhance their brand, and reinforce their mission. By maintaining a studio concept, Masbuild is able to foster the participation of all its staff in a dynamic and interactive design and production process. Rest assured, Masbuild’s principals remain directly involved in the day-to-day detailed activities of each of their projects.

Masbuild’s mission is to

  1. Provide innovative design and delivery services tailored to meet each clients individual needs.
  2. Commit to continual improvement in design and building solutions.
  3. Give our clients the ability to share their unique story through design.
  4. Positively impact the communities that we serve.

Contact us to discuss how we can serve as your designer, architect, and/or construction manager of record, today.